Plastifar S. A.

1992    -Start trading with Injection plants, straws extrusion, rigid containers extrusion and thermoforming.

1994    – We acquired new machinery, increasing by 32% our production.

1995    – Foam cups plant starts.

1996    – Starts Foam extrusion and Thermoforming plant, increasing capacity by 22%.

1997    – Printing Cups starts.

1998    -The first high-performance and high-tech machine to rigid plant, increasing our production by 40% arrived.

1999    -Increases the thermoforming and rigid machineries in the plant, increasing by 32% our production.

2000    -The first high-performance injection machines and high-tech to produce disposable cutlery arrived.

2001    – The first high-performance presses and molding technology Foam Cups arrived.

2003    – The first high-performance and high-tech machines to Foam thermoforming plant arrived.

2004    – Cutlery combo’s prepackaged plant starts.

             – International sales and distributions starts.

2005    – Clear containers plant start.

2006   – Blow molding plant start.

2008   – Another high performance machine and high-tech to thermoforming and rigid containers is acquired, production capacit
is doubling.

            – International sales increased 200%

2009   – Foam Cups Plant Fuel-Oil changes to Natural Gas.

            – We migrated to SAP system from Epicor.

2011    – Foam thermoforming plant is extended and built a ramp to dispatching 14 export trucks simultaneously.

2012    – Polypropylene Plant Starts.

2013   – PVC Plant starts (PlastiFilm).

            – Foam Cups Plant Gas Natural changes to Biomass Energy.

            – Production line PET Starts.