PLASTIFAR is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of disposable containers for every need. Our commitment is to offer a wide range of products that meet all the required quality standards both nationally and internationally at the best price, providing high quality products to our clients and customers. Now we are the biggest factory in disposable pounds produced in all of Central America and the Caribbean, to South America we have the most complete offering of wide range of products, covering all the needs of our customers.

Plastifar SA, is located at Km 13 ½ of the Duarte Highway, the section of La Cienaga, Santo Domingo Oeste, Dominican RepublicThe company occupies an area of about 72,000 m², with a construction area of around 33,400 m², divided into 9 large industrial buildings in concrete blocks, metal mesh in the upper curbs to allow better ventilation. With aluzinc refractory finish and translucent sheets that allows the passage of solar energy for lighting in low light days.

Our production lines in the areas of thermoforming, injection and extrusion machinery are equipped with latest technology which allows us increased production capacity. Our continued investment in high-tech machinery, as well as research and development process improvement product manufacturing have led us to be nowadays one of the main choices to disposable containers for food and beverage service consumer. Plastifar is committed to preserve the environment by introducing its range of biodegradable products.