Plastifar S. A.


Was founded on July 20, 1992, by Alejandro Farach. In the beginning was created with the idea of meeting the needs of plastic containers for the pharmaceutical industry, however, understanding the demand of restaurants and fast food restaurants for disposable, was included in manufacturing lines production and disposable containers and cutlery.

Nowadays it is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of disposable containers for every need. Our commitment is to offer a wide range of products that meet all required quality standards both nationally and internationally and best prices, providing an excellent service to our customers to ensure total satisfaction.

Our industry start as a production plant for pharmaceutical containers, because of this reason Plastifar S.A., acquires a commitment to meet the highest standards of hygiene and quality producing our containers, with the purpose to compete in the most demanding markets. The company was recognized with certification of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), an international body responsible for evaluation of biological, chemical, and physical in all areas of production, transportation, storage and distribution, which seeks to establish a control system aimed at preventing manufacturing to ensure a safe product which in turn ensure the health and wellbeing of customers.

Our ongoing investment in machinery and high-tech have allowed us develop and improve processes and quality in ours product, have this made us an industry with more than 20 years in the local market. Plastifar S.A has shown the competitive potential and exporter that is Dominican Republic towards others markets. Actually we are the largest and most complete factory in Central America and the Caribbean.

Our product portfolio has over 300 products focused on a specific need, our target is to continue growing up and innovating.